February 11, 2009

Display(s) of Affection-Day 4


I can not describe the “love affair” I have with letters written by friends and loved ones. In my Great Room, I have one of my most cherished letters framed and displayed. It is a note written by one of my favorite Authors, Alexandra Stoddard, welcoming me to an event she hosted last year. Over the holidays, my brother-in-law asked me, “Why do you have that framed?”. My answer was simple and sincere, “it makes me happy”.

Alexandra Stoddard writes, in her book, “Gift of a Letter” ,“Letters are magical. I never throw out a good letter. They enable us to nurture, connect and communicate with a worldwide circle of friends.” She also writes, “A letter is a gift. It can turn a private moment into an exalted experience”.

I don’t believe I have EVER thrown away a hand-written letter. In my office, I keep a box stuffed with my favorites.
This special box is filled with thank you notes, holiday greetings that are personally written, and letters of friendship and encouragement.

Picking up any of these treasured notes, is an instant cure for feelings of sadness. They also remind me that I am loved, that possibly I have made a difference in someone’s life, and that special moments can be treasured over and over.

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Melanie Tindale said:

Did you make the shell frame? I’ve always collected seashells and have intended to make a frame or a mirror or something decorative with them….

Shawn from Buttercup said:

Hi, Melanie,
I found that frame at a wonderful end of season sale in the Outerbanks a few years ago. I say go for it though…what a fun way to use your shell collection.

Pamela said:

Hi Shawn,
I came over here from the Tracy Porter website.
I am also a fan of Alexandra Stoddard and have read all of her books.
Did you attend one of her Happiness weekends?
How was it? I’ve always wanted to go.
What a lovely idea to frame it as you have! It fits with her location. You are very creative.
Thanks for sharing!

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