May 5, 2009

Cutting Garden Tuesday-Hydrangea

These beauties make wonderful additions to the summer, fall and winter flower arrangements. They are as beautiful in arrangements of one, as they are massed in a bundle.
We currently have over 25 Hydrangea bushes on the property. Some turn pink, or purple…
…but many stay a bright green color…which I love just as much.

To learn more about hydrangeas you can visit:

Here is a list of the other “Cutting Garden Tuesday” flowers:


Down home friends and what they say...

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Sarah Turner said:

So what’s the secret with sun and hydrangeas? Where do you have yours planted? I read that morning sun is the key, and the hydrangeas I have planted with perfect morning sun never bloom. The ones I have planted with pretty heavy sun till around 4pm bloom great, but I feel sorry for them in the evening when they are clearly worn out and wilty. (Yes, I feel sorry for plants…that’s weird.)
Tips…I need them!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE hydrangeas.

suzanne said:

Oh, I am so envious….I need to plant just a few to enjoy…how gorgeous it must be to have over 20!! They are one of my favs.
Thanks for sharing!


maribeth said:

we have these in our garden - blue - so pretty! i’m just waiting for them to pop up!

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