January 16, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg - A History Lesson (Part 4/5)

Teaching Your Family About American History


Type of Trip: Educational and Interactive.
Who: Entire Family (best for children over 5)
Arrived: 3 1/2 hours from Baltimore by car
Cost: Currently they are running some REALLY good winter specials. Check their website for details.
Things to do: Watch live demonstrations, participation opportunities, tour restored colonial homes, attend performances and reenactments. Great photo ops, garden tours, wonderful food.
Things to know: There is a lot of walking, wear comfortable shoes or bring stroller if kids under 5. Bring a camera. Not the best vacation for children under 4 (I know…we tried it). If possible, plan on visiting for two days. The middle of summer is HOT and HUMID in Williamsburg.

For additional Information on Colonial Williamsburg, check out their website. A wonderful resource, their website offers suggested itineraries, an interactive map, and a wonderful kids section. “click here”

For the last three years our family has had season passes to Colonial Williamsburg. If you only have one day, The Colonial Williamsburg website offers an excellent suggestion for a one day itinerary. I would add to their list, “Bassett Hall”, home of J.D. Rockefeller and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. This is a must see to learn how the vision of “Colonial Williamsburg” was conceived. Once I visited, Bassett Hall, I felt I had a much better understanding of the area and enjoyed my visits more.

One of my absolute favorite destinations is the Governor’s Palace Kitchen.


Here, you are able to see live kitchen demonstrations of food being prepared as it was during colonial period. I have spent over an hour (on multiple occasions) listening to the Colonial Kitchen experts.


And the food…is simply beautiful and smells wonderful!


Touring the different homes (Wythe House) is a highlight of my visits.


The gardens are a source of inspiration.


There are music demonstrations and character demonstrations throughout the city.



And many interactive opportunities for the children including old-fashioned bubble blowing and playing stick and hoop.



Don’t miss live performances with “Patrick Henry”, “George Washington”, or “Thomas Jefferson”. Also, the DeWitt Museum offers many children’s activities as well as one of the best “folk-art” displays. This past year, we were able to see Tasha Tudors doll house which was spectacular.

The best part of going back repeatedly to Colonial Williamsburg, is that each time, the children learn more about how America began. As many times as we have been there, we have only seen half of what is offered. Colonial Williamsburg will continue to be a family destination for many years. We will be returning in this spring to visit the gardens.

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