December 14, 2009

Christmas Farm Dog Contest

Christmas Puppy Haiku

I am your best friend
Not here for your amusement
Take it off now


Leave a comment, haiku, or poem, telling me what you think Tasha would say about being dressed up like a girl with pearls if she had the opportunity. We’ll randomly choose a comment and send something fun from Buttercup Farm Studio….A Christmas Surprise!!!!!


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (4)

Diana Dellos said:

You know I look good, so what can I say
Not just any dog can squeeze into this thing
So spin me around, take a pic, throw a treat
before I take this get up and give it a fling

. . . ha, cute photo! had to add a comment! : )

Diane D'Ambrosio said:

I’m man’s best friend, so the story goes,
But if given the chance to wear panty hose,
Or dresses and ribbons or diamonds and rings,
I’d give it a whirl…this woman thing.
Sure men are fun. They’re laid back and easy,
but fetching the paper gets kind of cheesy.
So bring on the dresses and sandals and pearls.
Life is more fun being one of the girls!

Bobbie Fey said:

Look at me….
Look at me…..

I’m so pretty
Can’t you see…..

Pretty red dress
I’m at my best….

Can’t be anything
but a Holiday Delight!

kate said:

Look at me,
I’m all dressed up.
I want a treat now,
in my cup.
I’ve been so good,
to wear this thing…
But Santa won’t recognize me,
with all this bling!

Sweet little baby to wear the dress! My own dog would have fits… Have a happy, happy Christmas!

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