December 30, 2008

Charles Towne Landing-Day 2 Charleston

Charles Towne Landing was the first European settlement in the Carolina province dated back to 1670. Our visit was filled with educational moments for the children and garden inspiration for me.

Type of Trip: Day Trip/Educational
Who: Entire Family
Arrived: 15 minutes from Charleston
Cost: $5 per person, children U5 free
Highlights: Living History demonstrations. “The Adventure” wooden boat floating in the water meant for boarding and exploration. A reproduction crop garden based on instructions given to Capt. Joseph West, leader of the Carolina expedition. A small zoo including wild turkey, bison, an aviary, and bobcats. Fortified area including a beautifully constructed Palisade Wall. The Legare Waring House and grounds.
Things to know: No food available in Charlestown Landing. Bikes are allowed. Free sturdy strollers are available with the exchange of a drivers license while in use.
Additional Information on Charles Towne Landing:

Charles Towne Landing “here”.
Legare-Waring House “here”.


The park had an area demonstrating what a typical colonial settlement might look like in the late 1600’s.
settlers hut

Including the stocks (I think this might be the perfect solution to ending some of the sibling arguments–I wonder if I can pick up a set on ebay?)


A highlight of the day for the kids was to board “The Adventure” and explore this beautiful wooden vessel.

The highlight of my day was to study the reproduction colonial garden based on actual instructions from the time period.
colonial crop garden

Additionally, I enjoyed exploring the grounds of the Legare-Waring House. It was stated on a plaque outside of the home that the last owner saw herself, not as owner of house or land, but caretaker of God’s place. Mrs. Legare-Waring planted the Avenue of the Oaks on the property (looking out the front of the house), 40 years before she was able to enjoy the shade they provided. It is now one of the most beautiful spots on the property.

avenue of oaks

The home was equally as magnificent and is now offered as a wedding destination.

waring house

If you are planning on visiting Charleston,SC, and enjoy visiting parks with a historical offering, add Charles Towne Landing to your list.


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James Graves said:

Yes, is truely a wonderful place! Briggs and I had a great time there with his Aunt Shawn and her family. It really was a ton of fun. Briggs especally liked the Race car seats. (the rentable strolers) This place really has allot to offer for the young and old. The weather was beauftiful as well! The memory of this day, I will cherish for years to come. It was really great to be able to have this expierance with my sister and her family. Thank you, for a really great day. You are saved in my favorites.

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