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Tulip Takes Pictures

May 26, 2009

photos by Tulip
A few months ago, I mentioned that I am hardly EVER in photos. This is due to the fact that I am usually the only one in my family with a camera in hand. Recently though, Tulip has been more interested in trying photography. She took this picture of me using MY Canon 30D with a 50mm1:1.8 lens.
And with her Canon Powershot point and shoot …she captured this beauty.

Not bad for a 9 year old!

2009 Dream House

February 15, 2009


Artist:My Little Poppy (Julianna)
Materials:Sketch paper and water color paints

For Sale:

Beautiful tall cottage tower painted in happy colors. Two Rooms including a Princess bedroom painted with purple polka dots and a playroom filled with art supplies. Super soil around the home makes the flowers in the garden to grow two stories tall.

Asking Price: One Gabillion Gajillion dollars


February 10, 2009


Artist: My oldest Tulip (Gaby)
Materials: White paper/ Water Color
Outcome: Last year’s Valentine — Priceless

Crocheted Scarf

February 7, 2009


Artist: Gaby (Tulip)
Time Spent: Approximately 4 hours

About one month ago, Gaby received a couple of lessons from her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother on how to Crochet.

She just competed her 1st project which I think came out quite beautiful. She designed it herself. Short in length, skinnier in the middle around the neck.


Toothpick Umbrella

February 4, 2009

Toothpick Umbrella

Artist: Gaby
Materials: Glue, Toothpicks, Scrap Fabric
Outcome: Amazing

Another Apple A Day

January 27, 2009


An Apple A Day - Day 2/5
Gaby - Water Color on Sketch Paper

Gaby has been on a role painting still life apples. I love how her little eyes see color!


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