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June 12, 2009

The order has been placed! Windows, cupola’s and doors….oh, my!!!!



Barn Love

June 9, 2009

After 4 months of COLD and RAINY weather…Buttercup Barn renovation, has been reignited!
Before Picture 2008

SHE is the structure that anchors our little piece of land….the reason we call our 4 acres, FARM.
I’ve grown attached to the possibilities…..and dreamed of this renovation for 13 years…brainstorming, sketching, researching…..
Waiting for the right time, something to click, and the right people to do the job.
As SHE starts to transform….
I have RE-FALLEN in love with her….
AND what she will become…
Stay tuned for how SHE will be transformed…..PURE GOODNESS!!!!!

Also, don’t forget…it is “A Beautiful Life” Friday over at The Inspired Room . Take a few minutes to read about “Summer entertaining for real people”. It is a great weekend treat!

When the walls come tumblin’ down….

March 27, 2009

After years of TRYING to keep the old girl standing…we decided it was time to let her go…..

GOODBYE metal roof flapping, ground hog housing, trash collecting, snake hanging from the rafters….old barn…….

May you be recycled into something fantastic…..

A Few words from Little Tulip…”I already miss the Old Barn” on her way to school this morning.

R.I.P. March 26, 2009

Buttercup Barn Makeover

February 18, 2009

This week we have officially started the CLEAN UP AND MAKEOVER of Buttercup Barn. We are transforming the barn into a combination “Artist’s Workshop”–”Man-Cave”.

Here is a sneak peak paired with a little “Orange Blossom Special” to kick off this project!

Buzzard Barn is Getting a Make-over! from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.

The Nest Treehouse

January 26, 2009


Over the holidays the girls shared their DREAM of having a TREE HOUSE with their “Pop”. Speaking a mile a minute, the girls gave him their criteria:

  • Two little tree houses that lead to one big tree house
  • A rope bridge connecting all of the houses
  • A place to put a bean bag chair and books
  • A treehouse where a lot of friends to come over
  • They wanted to call it “The Nest”

On a napkin at lunch, their “Super-Pop” sketched something up for them. Aren’t dreams fun?


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