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September 27, 2010

She pushed all of them away to get a good view of my lens.

Molly Cantor Bowl

August 4, 2010

On my recent travels, I happened upon Shelburne Falls, MA, a lovely little artist community in western Massachusetts. To my delight, I passed the most darling pottery shop run by artist Molly Cantor. Her shop is filled with gorgeous vases, mugs, cookie jars, and animal sculpture. Each piece is created by carving beautiful animals and scenery into the clay before it is fired. The colors and textures are EXTRAORDINARY.

I treated myself to this bowl and have been enjoying its many uses at the farm.

To learn more about this artist, check out Molly Pots.
Here are a few of her other amazing pieces…
Mugs and Cups

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The Costswold Coop

May 25, 2010

I find inspiration for the farm everywhere. About a year ago I came across this book (one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen) An Affair with a House

Where I found this beautiful chicken coop chicken-house-inspiration
Which inspired me to draw this sketch ….cotswold-coop-sketch
and send it to my friends at Penny Pincher Barns who helped me by turning my sketch into architectural plans and materials list so that I could build this…
My amazing builders built this aviary from a vision meeting we had…
So that these little ladies had a good home…

Where do you find inspiration? I find it everywhere…books, nature, blogs, art galleries, outdoors walks, cookbooks, historic home visits, clothing, and catalogs. I think inspiration is all about heart. For me it is a feeling I get when I see something that feels right, beautiful, attractive. When I saw the picture of Bunny Williams’ aviary, I immediately photocopied it and put in on my dreamboard. For a year I looked at that picture dreaming of it on the farm.

I can now see the coop/aviary from my bedroom window, great room, mud room and kitchen. All places I spend a lot of time. My eye sees something artistic, beautiful, and sculptural. A home for the hens but a piece of art for me.

Green and White

May 11, 2010

She said she wanted a new bedroom for her 10th birthday and that she was feeling too old for the pink flamingos on her wall. She declared that she wanted her new room to be green.

After a very failed attempt of choosing a good green (the one we tried looked like highlighter green) for her walls, I suggested she go with a style that could change as she got older.

So we chose white walls with green accents.

And she is happy!

I found the pillow HERE.
I found the bedding HERE.
And the pink pillow cases HERE.

Spring Display

May 7, 2010


Finding a way to enjoy nature both outdoors and indoors is always a goal of mine. I love finding outside treasure and displaying it in the house. The great room mantel is always a source of change and creativity.

Meet Gina

March 19, 2010

Gina is adjusting nicely to her new home…which happens to be in the barn and out of my mudroom!


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