Love, Love

February 14, 2010


To my Valentine,


  • YOU make me coffee every single morning and sometimes bring it to me in bed.
  • YOU still make me laugh
  • YOU put your family first
  • YOU are a dreamer
  • YOU let me be a dreamer too
  • YOU help me achieve my dreams
  • YOU love to travel
  • YOU love to be home
  • YOU think you daughters are amazing
  • YOU teach your daughters how a man should treat his family
  • YOU love driving your “Woody” jeep more than any other car
  • YOU cook with me and for me
  • YOU will eat ANYTHING except split pea soup
  • YOU are smart
  • YOU have helped to build a life for our family where we can be our true and best selves.
  • YOU value doing the right thing
  • YOU never hold a grudge
  • YOU still surprise me
  • YOU love your parents
  • YOU don’t need a honey do list….if you see something needs to be done, you do it.
  • YOU have never said ANYTHING unkind to me…even in the heat of the moment.
  • YOU are a good friend

    Love and Forever Yours

Snow Smiles

February 11, 2010

To my dearest Peanut Butter Sandwich,

You are a wonderful, squeezable, and delicious child. I love you being six years old and keep begging you not to grow up but each time I beg you, you hysterically laugh and say, “I have to, Mama”. I pretend to cry, and you rub my back and tell me it will be ok. “But, but, but”….I think…”I love your smile with your baby teeth, and the way you think eating “Breakfast for Dinner” is one of life’s great adventures, and the way you still struggle saying your “r’s” (except when you say “girl” or “world” which I make you repeat over and over and over, because for some reason you say your r’s perfectly in those words). I love the way you care if someone is hurt or sad and how you have a weird acumen for remembering where I put my things like keys or shoes. OHHH, my little peanut, I could go on and on about all the cute and wonderful things you are. Thank you for being my child!




January 23, 2010

She came home a few months ago with a permission slip to join the spelling bee team for her school. “I really want to do this Mama…you get to stand up in front of the whole school to do it”.

I love that Gaby embraces so many things in her life with courage. Spelling doesn’t come naturally to her. She does A+ work in spelling ONLY after she studies for a week preparing for her tests…in other words…she works for it. For this reason I was thrilled when she came home asking if she could spend the next six weeks practicing for the spelling bee after school…not because I care that much about improved spelling, but because I appreciated that she was signing up for something that wasn’t a slam dunk for her. She was taking a risk, stepping outside of her comfort zone, and she was doing it without hesitation.

The morning of the spelling bee Gaby walked up to the podium with a big smile on her face, lowered the microphone to meet her lips, and listened for her first word. Her teacher looked down at the spelling list and spoke into her microphone…”O.K. Gaby, your word is TERRIBLE“. “Terrible”, Gaby repeated. “T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E …Terrible”.

“Very good, you will progress to the 2nd round.”

This was amazing considering the night before I asked her how she thought she would do and she told me most likely she would be out on the first round. YIPEE….Good for you… that wasn’t so TERRIBLE.

After the first round was over, six children left the stage receiving a huge round of applause for their efforts. Remaining were 24 children ready to continue.

“Gaby….your second word is COURAGE. “Can you repeat the word please?” Gaby asked. “COURAGE. “Can you provide the definition please?” COURAGE…the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.

“Courage”….C.O.R.R.A.N.G.E…Courage.” she spelled loudly into the mic. I am sorry Gaby, that is incorrect.

As I walked out of the 2010 spelling bee, I smiled. Even though she spelled COURAGE incorrectly, COURAGE is the most CORRECT word I can think about when describing this young person. As a mother, COURAGE is at the top of my list for what I dream about for my children. With courage you can conquer your fears, stand up for what you believe in, and make a difference. Gaby has a courageous heart. My dream for her is that she can continue to look at her opportunities, passions, and beliefs with LOADS AND LOADS of C.O.R.R.A.N.G.E.

Run as fast as you can…

January 8, 2010

While touring Middleton Place my littlest petite started tugging at my jacket to get my attention. “Just a minute”, I said as I was listening to our guide and taking in the beauty.
“Mommy…I need to ask you something”, she said again.
I leaned down so that she could ask her very important question. “What do you need sweetie?” I asked. “I want to run….I need to run!”, she exclaimed.
The sprawling french garden lawn was speaking to her in a different way than it was speaking to me. My eyes saw the symmetry, the ornamentation, and the beauty. Her experience was more like a whisper calling her…“come…run on me…run as fast as you can”. I looked at her little face and then I looked up at the garden. “Go”, I whispered. “Run”.

And so she ran….making a wide loop circle toward the water. Giggling and free, she enticed my other petite to join into the fun.
And together they ran…circling and twirling on the wide-open lawn.
This was my favorite Christmas 2009 moment. Their observation of the garden tour was creative and beautiful. As I watched them run, I relished in their freedom, their laughter, and their moment. It reminded me that at one time we all had that feeling and I wanted to bottle it and make it last forever!

One true sentence

December 22, 2009

“All you have to do is write one true sentence….write the truest sentence you know.”, A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway.

Life at Buttercup Farm blog is officially one year old! (”One true sentence”).

I have received several e-mails from wonderful readers of the blog over the past year commenting similarly…”you have perfection” or “your life looks perfect”.

I MUST share with you…Life at Buttercup Farm is NOT PERFECT. Our businesses have been greatly effected by the economy. We have sibling rivalry, dogs that eat deer poop, laundry piles…I mean piles….and piles….and piles. We have PMS, homework tears, and dark roots growing from once natural blonde hair. We have 10 pounds to lose (ok 15). Hubby and I do lots of projects together…both work and home…and sometimes we have, “heated discussions”. We have areas in our home (my office) that look like a scene out of an episode of “People with Clutter”. We have suitcases full of clothes because it takes me a month or two to unpack from trips we take. Did I mention that we have laundry piles???????

Most of what I have chosen to show or write about on the blog is simply a “glimpse”. A glimpse of a part of a day I most want to remember. The part of the day I want my children to see if they happen to visit the LABF blog 15 years from now. I want this blog to show my children that no matter what the circumstances are in life, each and every day we can always find glimpses of beauty, happiness, gratitude, and forgiveness.

There are other things I want them to know too and as I complete my first year of writing in the blogosphere, I am feeling more brave and bold about my writing.

As I begin year two of the LABF journey I will continue to share glimpses of life here at Buttercup Farm. I will also share more of who I am…what makes me true. Sometimes I am a bit edgier than I have let you know (or maybe not…there are few posts out there). I will continue to share my passion for Buttercup Farm life, Farm style, and my travels. I will share more of our creative ventures in the kitchen, the artist retreat, and my home. I look forward to sharing my passion for my Country and my Constitution and my continued commitment to our family values.

My life IS the story here. Each time I sit down to write in 2010 I will start by reading Earnest Hemingway’s sentence, “All you have to do is write one true sentence….write the truest sentence you know”. I am open to the journey of where that truth will take me.

Buttercup Princess on her Throne

November 5, 2009

Here ye! Here ye! I do declare there are many princesses living here at Buttercup Farm. This one watches over me from her throne while I tap away at my computer. From time to time, Princess Tasha will demand some attention…mostly getting exactly what she wants.


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