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Summer in Maine

July 29, 2010

When I was a little girl we visited family in Maine many summers. My grandmother was born and raised in Maine and still has family who live there year round. We had a family camp on a pond. Rustic, simple, and small, we would stuff as many family members as we could fit to experience blueberry picking, swimming, hiking and card playing during a week in July. My Maine memories are some of my strongest. It IS the authentic perfection of Maine that keeps it in my heart and keeps me coming back again and again. NOTHING could be added to make it better than it already is. In fact, spending time in Maine in 2010, it is almost identical to the Maine experiences I had in the 1970’s. Simple and endless beauty, tides, pines and birches, icy water, nature galore, bugs, arts, fog, ports, seafood…FANTASY!

I know in my heart that I should live a part of my life in Maine. I dream of one day arriving June 1 and leaving October 1 each year. When a place makes you feel as alive and happy as I feel in Maine, it should not be kept for 2 week vacations.


2009 Buttercup Farm Dreambook

January 2, 2009

It is a tradition of mine to MAKE A DREAMBOARD the week between Christmas and New Years. I make lists, write goals, sketch, gather photos, magazine articles, and books during the year that provide IDEAS, THOUGHTS, and INSPIRATION for the DREAMBOARD.


I keep this DREAMBOARD in a place where I can see it often. I don’t expect that all of my dreams will come true. Some will, some won’t. As the year progresses, I will prioritize based on what my family needs, budget, time, etc.

I segmented my dreams into areas that are important to me: Family, Health, Social, Cultural, Spiritual, Career. I like this visual, because it reminds me to attempt some balance in each area. Here are few of my 2009 dreams:

Family & Home: Take kids to Maine, Plant a colonial inspired vegetable garden, Take two big camping trips
Social: Increase attendance at the Buttercup Farm Concert Series
Cultural: Re-Learn how to play the flute
Spritual: Read something everyday that expands my mind
Career: Launch “Avenue P Communications”
Health: Spend 20 minutes outside everyday, NO MATTER WHAT

Have any of you worked on your 2009 dreams yet? Please share a few!


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