Family Traditions

Halloween Traditions

October 30, 2009

Each year since my girls were born my mom has lovingly made their halloween costumes. Nana asks her “grandgirls” what they want to be for Halloween in July. She takes them to the fabric store and patiently lets the girls hem and haw over which costume and fabric they want for their costumes. It is something they look forward to and treasure.

This year, inspired by something she saw in a magazine, Gaby choose to be a rabbit jumping out of a hat. A good idea living on the east coast since it is pretty nippy at night.
Julianna chose her version of Ariel, she calls “Mermaidia”.
Our attic playroom is filled with my mothers creations…15 in all so far. They are used throughout the year for hours of dress-up, theatre, and fun.

Birthday Week

April 9, 2009

One of Buttercup’s most PRIZED traditions is BIRTHDAY WEEK. We LAVISH each other with “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND” the week leading up to the family member’s birthday (within reason). Dinner choices, entertainment choices, and rule bending (bedtime) are all up for grabs. The ACTUAL BIRTHDAY ends with gift giving and cake of choice. We started this TRADITION before we had the children and it stuck. EVERYONE loves it!

This week is TULIP’S Birthday Week and celebrating in Florida makes this week extra special. Last night (the inaugural evening) Gaby chose a dinner incorporating all of her favorites…it was a seafood extravaganza made by Daddy…MUSSELS, MAHI MAHI, & SHRIMP. Then, she chose to stay up late in her room with the TV on (an extra treat because we don’t have TV’s in our bedrooms at home). Today, we will spend an hour + in Borders Bookstore…one of her favorite pastimes.

What makes birthday week so fun…the break in schedule, the unexpected fun, and the focused time to SHOWER each other with special treats. We all participate knowing that our Birthday weeks will follow…the more you give…the more you get!

Countdown to Christmas

December 13, 2008

Counting down to Christmas is one of the most exciting traditions during our holiday season. The countdown really begins in August, but as far as I know, they don’t make advent calendars that cover five months. This year we prominently displayed our advent calendar in the kitchen.

Advent Stocking

It took only 2.2 seconds before the girls started bickering over who was in charge of moving the candy cane each day. I too remember bickering with my brother and sister over the advent calendar. We always had the paper kind where you opened a small die-cut door each day for a visual surprise. We handled our bickering kids much the same way my parents did, each kid gets a day in turn. Gaby gets even, Julianna gets odd. David also made advent chains with the girls so that each day they could tear off a ring to count down the days.

The bickering has stopped and the focus has been established. 11 Days to go!!!!


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