June 16, 2009

Buttercup Gump EGGS….


Our new girls have arrived! What does this mean???? Well, I am reminded of the movie “Forest Gump”….instead of “shrimp” we have “eggs”. We have eggs coming out of our ears…and I am trying to find creative ways to cook them….so let’s see, we have…

Poached eggs, Fried Eggs, Frittatas, Eggs with Hollandaise sauce, Eggs with potato salad, Eggs in a blanket, cookies made with Eggs, Egg Quiche with Ham, Eggs sprinkled on salad, Egg Quiche with Spinach, Hard Boiled Eggs, Green Eggs and Ham Eggs…..

I need your help! E-mail your favorite egg recipe to shawn@lifeatbuttercupfarm.com and I will GLADLY try them out…I am looking for something new, creative, and DELICIOUS!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:

Don’t forget the party/picnic staple…deviled eggs! Also, I have a great sausage and egg bake casserole that my mother-in-law makes. I will send you the recipe.

I enjoyed your interview with Heather Bullard. What a beautiful website and blog. I’m adding her to my Making LIfe Beautiful list on my blog.

Take care,

Rebecca said:

Sending you two or three of my favorite egg recipes that use up a bunch at once! Stay tuned in your inbox…

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