December 28, 2008

Bull Island - Charleston Day 1


Type of Trip: Day Trip from Charleston, SC
Who: Entire Family (best for children over 4)
Arrived: 30 minute ferry ride
Cost: $15 per child, $30 per adult for the ferry ride
Things to do: Bird watch, treasure hunt on beach, walk/hike, kayak (if you bring your own boat), picnic
Things to know: No food or drink provided on the island. One restroom on the island about 1 ½ - 2 miles from the beach. Need comfortable walking shoes. Bring a camera.
For additional Information on Bull Island click “here”

Our family spent six glorious hours on Bull Island. From the ferry, we hiked 1.5 miles hike to the beach. We had to stop over 20 times to enjoy our surroundings.

bull island marsh

Morning on the marsh.
Driftwood Treasures

Once we arrived at the beach we treasure hunted for hours finding some of the most beautiful seashells, sand dollars, star fish, coral and driftwood.
bull island seashells

yellow coral



Our beach hiking destination was the “Boneyard”, named for the hundreds pieces of Live Oak left on the beach by Mother Nature. It’s Mother Natures sculpture garden.

Fog crept into the “Boneyard” taking my breath away.

It was the perfect day. We enjoyed the Ferry ride, the long hike, and the bags of beach treasures we discovered.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (4)

Melanie Tindale said:

What a wonderful adventure! Got the information for your blog with your Christmas card you sent John & I. Fantastic site!

Look forward to meeting you soon!
Melanie Tindale (John Tindale’s wife)

Uncle Bob said:

Shawn, wonderful pictures of a truly beautiful spot. One of these days Rosalie and I will have to go visit.

Love to you, David and the kids and have a wonderful holiday.

Bob and Rosalie

Natalie Zakel said:

I think you take very nice pictures. Also I love the art crafts you do, they look very pretty when they are finished. I hope you can post more crafts on your blog.

Shawn from Buttercup said:

Thank you Natalie, I really do like taking pictures. I will definitely post more crafts! Thank you for the comment.

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