June 17, 2011


When I wrote the last LABF post called “REINVENTION” it was the word that most described the journey I have been on for a few years and greatly relates to the NEWS I am going to share today.

When I started this blog (this wonderful…first step into the world wide web…first time I went public with my photography and writing…first time I began the journey of creating a written history and what became the outlet for creating a writing ritual), I creatively designed it to reflect one aspect of my life, HOME (small farm, cooking, decorating, family). For a couple of years, the design was perfectly suited to the original mission. I loved every second of writing about those topics (and still do) but during the second year of writing LABF, my life started to change in many ways. In particular, I started feeling inspired to work my way toward a new career in the creative arts. Suddenly, the framework and design I created here didn’t always match what I felt inspired to write about and ultimately, I realized I needed to make a change.

It has been an amazing journey this last year. I have had lots of highs, lots of challenges, lots of fun, and lots of humbling moments. In the end, the journey has been so worth it because I feel like I have created something that reflects ME. Authentic Me.

Introducing my new website and blog home ShawnStratmann.com.


I invite you to come visit me on the new website/blog. I promise to share more about LABF, but in addition will also share lots of creative inspiration, my new on-line shop, and insights into making a major life change at 40.

Before, I sign off here, I want to say THANK YOU.


  • Thinking what I wrote was worth reading (over 1 million hits two years in a row).
  • Encouraging me here — I have received the most amazing support from many of readers and I love you for that!
  • Continuing to check in, even though I haven’t been consistent for the last year while I have been figuring all of this out.
  • Giving me a place to be creative, the best gift of all.

Lastly, I want each reader to know without the LABF experience, I would not be where I am today and for that I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!


Note: I will keep LABF up for at least a year.


Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:


I am so excited for you! I’ve been looking out for an update from you since your last “test” post. I just knew that you had something wonderfully creative in the works. I didn’t have a whole lot of time this AM to explore your new website, but you can bet that I will be back!

Seems like several of us have new things in the works…perhaps that what happens to us girls in our 40s…a new decade with new inspiration to live the lives that we really want!

So excited for you!


BOBBIE said:

Hooray for you! So much energy….I admire. I love everything you do. I am a FAN.

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