April 9, 2009

Birthday Week

One of Buttercup’s most PRIZED traditions is BIRTHDAY WEEK. We LAVISH each other with “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND” the week leading up to the family member’s birthday (within reason). Dinner choices, entertainment choices, and rule bending (bedtime) are all up for grabs. The ACTUAL BIRTHDAY ends with gift giving and cake of choice. We started this TRADITION before we had the children and it stuck. EVERYONE loves it!

This week is TULIP’S Birthday Week and celebrating in Florida makes this week extra special. Last night (the inaugural evening) Gaby chose a dinner incorporating all of her favorites…it was a seafood extravaganza made by Daddy…MUSSELS, MAHI MAHI, & SHRIMP. Then, she chose to stay up late in her room with the TV on (an extra treat because we don’t have TV’s in our bedrooms at home). Today, we will spend an hour + in Borders Bookstore…one of her favorite pastimes.

What makes birthday week so fun…the break in schedule, the unexpected fun, and the focused time to SHOWER each other with special treats. We all participate knowing that our Birthday weeks will follow…the more you give…the more you get!


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (4)

suzanne said:

Oh, I am a huge fan of birthday week, too….can I come for a visit next March???? :)


LadyEM said:

Yes, I want to spend my birthday week with you too. Shower me with love!!!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation. We miss you at TP.

Rebecca said:

Happy Birthday Week, Tulip! Showering you with good wishes from afar!

maribeth said:

happy birthday gaby! love, kate

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