February 3, 2009

Beidler Forest, South Carolina Part 1/2

Type of Trip: 1/2 Day Visit (2-3 hours). Hike through a swamp.
Who: Entire Family (best for children over 4)
Cost: $7 per adult.
Things to do: Bird watch, Wildlife watch–snakes, frogs, alligators. Walk/hike (guided or on your own), guided canoe trip, picnic.
Things to know: CLOSED on Mondays. Bring a picnic. Restroom available at the visitor center. Need comfortable walking shoes. Bring a camera. Bring binoculars (the visitor center also lends them to guests).

Back in December, our family vacationed in South Carolina for a week over the holiday. While visiting, we were gifted with wonderful, balmy weather, which gave us the opportunity to explore some interesting sites.

One of these sites was the Audubon sponsored Beidler Forest.
Established to preserve 1,800 acres of old-growth swamp forest, Beidler is a naturalist’s dream. A 1.75 mile boardwalk trail leads you through one of the few swamps that has remained untouched by developers.

Since we visited during the winter months, our experience was not as chock full of wildlife as a summer visit might yield. However, to see the swamp in a more “dormant” state was absolutely beautiful. The reflections of the huge Bald Cypress, were extraordinary.

The size and age of some of the trees stopped us in our tracks. The oldest known tree on the sanctuary is approximately 1,500 years old!


Have you ever heard of a Cypress knee? The kids thought they were the coolest things…so did I.



The day we visited it was very quiet. There were few people and few animals out and about. We did however see a snake (much to my dismay). The colors and sights were vibrant. I enjoyed taking pictures and listening to the…QUIET……during the 2 hours we visited.

For more information on the other South Carolina sites we visited:

Bulls Island
Charlestowne Landing


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