July 16, 2009

Barn Update


Things are REALLY starting to shape up on Buttercup Barn. Outside woodwork, almost complete.

Here is what we have finished:

  • Replaced rotten wood
  • Concrete floor poured in first floor of the barn.
  • Removed all hazardous material (bat poop) from loft
  • Bleached all surfaces in barn
  • Installed cable system to keep the roof and walls in barn from caving in
  • Removed all old wood on front and back of barn, replaced with new
  • Insulated loft floor
  • Ordered windows/doors, installed 1/2 (so far)
  • Placed loft floor
  • Demoed milk house
  • Framed new walls (in loft and downstairs)
  • Electrical rough-in
  • Assembled Cupola

Next two weeks:

  • Finish installing windows and doors
  • Install wall slats/panelling downstairs
  • Install plywood walls upstairs
  • Install Dance Floor
  • Build Steps/Deck to Loft
  • Install electrical fixtures/fans
  • Install divider doors downstairs
  • Repair/Paint Metal Roof
  • …..so much more:-)

Bear with me this summer…I have been a little slow to write due to the nature of “summer”, the barn reno, and the launch of my new business website. I will work hard to keep in touch a couple times a week.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (7)

Melanie Tindale said:

Fantastic progress - way to go!!

Aileen said:

It looks really good! I noticed the 929 Gallery sign in the background…seems like so long ago!

maribeth said:

wow! the barn looks great - looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Dawn said:

Shawn…this is going to look so amazing…can’t wait to see the finished product!

Rebecca said:

You have more drive and ambition IN YOUR SLEEP than most of us muster in a lifetime!

It looks beautiful, and will come to life very soon!

artist in NC said:

This looks fantastic…I am ready to move in. LOL

Valerie said:


The barn looks incredible so far! Can’t wait to see the continued progress.


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