June 10, 2009

Barn Color Inspiration

During my travels, I always look for interesting architecture to photograph. I often use the photos for inspiration on projects around the farm. When I saw this little New England Studio last fall…I started snapping pictures…I immediately fell in LOVE with the red and black combination and knew that I would use those colors on the barn renovation.


Can you imagine?????

Get inspired for summer and check out “Janet Hills House Paintings” at Hooked on Houses with the amazingly creative Juila!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Joni said:

When it comes to barns, I’m in love with the traditional colors: barn red with white trim, or white with black trim, or around here sometimes you see a white barn with dark green trim. It’s interesting to see what those in different parts of the country painted the old barns! Love your blog and your photos!

Valerie said:

Love traditional red barns! Can’t wait to see the transformation unfold!

Meg said:

Red & Black!! Teelin colors!! Weehoo!!

Michaela said:

Oh! I like that A LOT! It is going to look so neat! I really really like the red!!!!


Beautiful photos! The first one with the contrasting blue is wonderful. And the weathered ones always make me smile. You’ve captured both in just the perfect light, too. :)

Terry Kearns said:

I guess there are bad barns out there somewhere, but I’ve never seen one. Any barn will show black in the shadows so you can have black without even painting.

TidyMom said:

Looks like we were both on the same wavelength this week! LOL my HOF post was about barns too!!


Struggler said:

Love these photos. It’s nice that on a barn, you can afford to be a bit bolder than on an actual house… at least, I’d be scared to paint my house red, but on a barn it completely works.

Adrienne @ Susan Palmer Designs said:

Out here we call the red in your first picture Chinese Red and it is a popular color to paint doors and trim … I guess it’s because we don’t have any barns :)

Porch Days said:

Aren’t barns wonderful? What a shame that they can’t all be saved. I’m glad you are renovating yours!

Puna said:

Are you renovating your barn? Oh my goodness I’ll have to keep coming back to see how it turns out!

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