June 8, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Note to Self: Procrastination never works when it comes to good hair. Schedule your next appointment when you leave your last, and you won’t get yourself in a situation like this….I promise.
7 more days…uuuggghhhh!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Sarah Turner said:

And that’s why I have an appointment tonight! Although I wish my hair had that much “body” as little chicken above.

Valerie said:

Shawn, your sense of humor is terrific!

I am the worst about prioritizing myself for hair cuts, doctor appts., etc. (aren’t all mommies?!), but recently did go in for a trim and MADE my FUTURE appt. In fact, a little business card slipped out of my wallet and I was so excited b/c it has the date and time of my upcoming appt.

I feel so good about having prioritized some scheduled time for me! There’s nothing worse than having bad hair for an “additional” few days or ….weeks….b/c your stylist can’t fit you in. It’s that or Great Clips….ugh!

Blessings to you,

Michaela said:

haha! Thats funny! I love the picture! I want a chicken like that! :)

Melanie Tindale said:

This is the reason (and the only reason) I dislike short hair. I would cut it shorter and shorter if it weren’t for the do’s I wake up with when it’s short. Really, that rooster is my morning doppelganger.

Rebecca said:

Looks like a Muppet!

Is it yours, Shawn? How funny!

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