August 25, 2009

Baby Teeth


It is a matter of fact. When kids loose their baby teeth their little faces change and many go through an awkward phase resembling Sponge Bob Square Pants until “real teeth” come in and are straightened.

In an attempt to capture and remember my children’s sweet little faces with their little chicklet teeth, I have been known to snap hundreds of pictures leading to the momentous day when their first tooth comes out. My oldest Tulip recently commented, “Mama…you take so many pictures of JJ”. “Yes, Darling…it is a tooth thing. I’ll even up the photo shoots in a few months….I promise”.


Last week, just two weeks before 1st grade, and with a little drama attached, mi bebe’s first tooth came out (was pulled out). The tooth fairy treated her well, leaving her a note, some fairy dust, and some MOOLA.


Down home friends and what they say...

Comments (2)

Valerie said:

Oh…baby teeth!

I lost mine so very late! Summer before the start of 3RD GRADE!!! I’m afraid that my darling daughter is on the same path…didn’t get baby teeth until well after her first birthday. The pediatrician says is they come in late they come out late…oh well!

Adorable pics of your “bebe”!!!

Rebecca said:

What a milestone! And such a great glimpse of summery, beachy, innocent beauty! Keep snapping away, MaMa Buttercup - you are hugely talented!

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