March 17, 2009


Some of the first few experiences that I had in the Dominican, involved AGUA.
Taking a shower in those first few hours was an EXPERIENCE. Our accommodations were wonderful, however, they had not been used for a while, and the water in the holding tanks smelled like ROTTEN EGGS. It took a few days to run through the “sitting water”. After spending some time studying Dominican life, I understood why the accommodations didn’t just run the water through before we arrived…water is a commodity on this island.
In order to drink the water as a visitor, you must stay where there is high-tech filtration. Even then, you need to be careful.
Hot water heaters are only in upscale homes in DR. Most locals shower and bath in cold water or head to the beach where spring fed water pipes run out the mountain shooting “COLD” clean water onto the sand.
Many Dominican homes have well water sources that look like this.
Since I have been home, I haven’t been able to go back to my old habits.
I have HAD to turn off the water while brushing my teeth…take shorter showers…and wear my clothes more than once. My goodness I am fortunate!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Kit said:

I think that if all Americans would visit places where water is conserved, it would change many of our habits. I turn off the water while brushing my teeth (a small thing) but when I see my husband running the hot water while he shaves, I just want to say, turn it off, you’re wasting water. He needs to get to that place by himself I think. Beautiful pictures capturing those precious drops.

OMSH said:

Experience changes everything - absolutely everything.

Fabulous captures.

Shawn from Buttercup said:

So true OMSH…I can’t wait for an opportunity like this with the girls…it puts so much into perspective.

Michaela said:

I didn’t know about the water issued in the DR. I just did a project on the importance of water and such, and it really put some things into perspective for me! We had to calculate our families “water footprint” and you wouldn’t believe how much water you, by yourself, use in just one day!

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