June 4, 2009

A Birthday Gift for My Memory


Sitting in a lovely BISTRO, huddled at a table, we giggled as we celebrated my Birthday Dinner. There is nothing better than spending time with friends you ADORE! Suddenly, they stood up and announced “we are going outside to get your birthday present”. As I sat at the table alone, I smiled and soaked it all in. I thought “there is no place I would rather be than here right now”….lost in my thoughts, I almost forgot that my two friends had left the restaurant when around the corner they entered playing “Happy Birthday” in perfect unison (that is the way it sounded to me) on the Accordion and Tin Whistle. After that tune, they serenaded me and the other restaurant guests with a lovely Irish tune.

Overwhelmed, I sat at that table and cried…appreciation for my talented and creative friends, appreciation that they PLANNED a GIFT so perfect for me, and a pure LOVE for what these two people have brought into my life. THANK YOU FRIENDS for a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY MEMORY!!!!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Meg said:

Cheers, and big smiles!!! Fun, happy memories for each of us to cherish… thank YOU!!

(We’ll go with the poetic interpretation of “in perfect unison”…!!!!)

Rebecca said:

I would have cried too!

Pam said:

It sounds like you have been blessed with some pretty fabulous friends! So glad you’ve been having a wonderful birthday week!!

Valerie said:

What sweet and wonderful friends…and what a birthday surprise to remember!

Blessings to you,

Desiree said:

Oh I wish I could have been there! How precious of your friends!!!….I would have cried too! What a joy filled experience,….and now a lovely memory.
xoxo Desiree

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