A few thoughts…

In a perfect day I would… laugh until I cried, dance with my daughters, read something inspiring, cook for my family, talk to a good friend.

Interesting Nugget…I have 10 brothers and sisters

Yummy…original artwork in every room, live music, fresh flowers, made by hand gifts, hand written letters, fabric, vintage postcards, garden art, lamps.

Best compliment…”Your home is a reflection of you” or anything about my children being well behaved.

Gratitude…the cornerstone for living with JOY

Entertaining…live music, children running outside, moments where memories are made, something a little crazy.

My favorite saying…Bored people are boring

Travel…as often as possible with the petite ones

Children should have…a place to run, a place to garden, books to read, simple days, unconditional love.

Summer…Only 18 summers with my children, favorite season

Parenting…love and boundaries, challenging, fun, manners and respect, Christian Values, I learn something new everyday from my petite ones

10 words …family, dreamer, music, reading, gardens, cook, traditions, antiques, home, friends

Home…a reflection of how you feel about life, a retreat, a place to dance

Music…in my heart even though I can’t play an instrument or sing a tune (yet)

I would like to visit more places where……

  • My children get a better understanding the world
  • Colors are more vibrant
  • Pace is much slower

Favorite Tradition…Summer Concert Series and the different ways we say I love you to the petite ones.


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