November 12, 2010



“Everything looks great, except for….your cholesterol”, doctor says. “Any particular insight as to why your cholesterol is 267?”. “Well, um….does eating eggs five days a week impact that number? Or could it be the side of beef we purchase every six months?” , I asked jokingly. This is no surprise, my cholesterol was over 200 when I was 19 years old and weighed 98 pounds.

I have had this talk for over 20 years with my doctor but this time…more serious. I have six months to do lower my cholesterol on my own. Then we have to talk about “M.E.D.I.C.A.T.I.O.N”. Seriously????Really?????

I am taking this seriously….ooohhh a challenge…a goal to meet…..I am going to try to do it with some dietary changes. Starting with breakfast…..Steel cut oatmeal, almonds, banana….not so bad I have to say.

So long my favorite scrambled eggs with cheese….take care poached on toast….hasta la vista eggs benedict…it was nice knowing you!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Valerie said:


Some things are genetic though…and as hard as you try, you might just end up needing medication like a Type 1 diabetic needs insulin.

Hoping that your change in diet does the trick for you and you can avoid the nasty “M” word! :)

Take care,

Rocky Mountain Woman said:

My boyfriend has the same issue, but he refuses to take the medication. He says that he’s had high cholestrol since he was 19 and he’s still alive (he’s 57). Take care of yourself! Eat more oatmeal!!

Tiffany said:

What a pain, but as far as breakfasts go, that looks truly lovely :)

Alexis Asbe said:

You must read the book CLEAN by Junger, after doing his cleanse for 2 weeks my cholesterol dropped from 220 to 164. More importantly, I felt great!

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