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New Experiences

October 28, 2010

newexp1“New Experiences” 11×14 mixed media/acrylic

The past few weeks have been amazing. I have packed my days with all kinds of new and exciting experiences. Experiences where I have learned new creative techniques and gained new computer skills. I have had experiences that have taught me lessons, and experiences that have tested whether I have learned my lesson. I have been gifted with the experience of teaching a group of kids weekly how to have a “Champion Attitude” and instilling in them that it doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with winning.

These new experiences have made me feel like ME — WHOLE and RIGHT in every way. I am in a period of personal growth…off the charts….new territory….GROWTH…and I am learning day by day that if I CHOOSE experiences that are WHOLE, RIGHT, and AUTHENTIC…all is right with the world.


October 5, 2010

My oldest daughter is a competitive Irish Dancer and this past year we have had the chance to travel all over the southern region of the USA for competitions. We love the travel (especially when we go by car), we love the adventure of meeting a new city, and OF COURSE we love to try new restaurants.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh and I have to say, I LOVED it. From the moment we left our home, until the moment we left the city, we found this trip to be full of good surprises!

If you love architecture, you will love this city. Interesting building, bridges, and churches make Pittsburgh Architecture worth the trip. The neighborhoods and homes were so charming and filled to the brim with cute restaurants and individually owned store fronts. The city is a leader in revitalization when it comes to cleaning up environmental damage and they have made great strides in turning around their water landscape.

Highlights of our trip:

  • Lunch with my best friends parents at their lovely home
  • Dinner at Point Brugge, a Belgium restaurant serving the most delicious mussels and frittes.
  • Ice Cream at Klavons, a yesteryear joint filled with penny candy and retro decor.
  • Parking at the Duquesne Incline and seeing a birds-eye view of the city.
  • Celebrating the competition with good friends.
  • Gaby winning her competition!

Some of my favorite pictures using my daughter’s point and shoot Canon SD780 in Pittsburgh:


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