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February 26, 2010

This morning I woke up and got on the scale. WAHOOO!!!!!! PROGRESS….I dropped into the 120’s. 129.5lbs to be exact. I saw a “2″ instead of a “3″.

Last Sunday, I was with my “Weight Loss” friends eating dinner and someone pulled up a website that I hadn’t visited before, - The Daily Plate. A weight loss questionnaire popped up and asked the following:

  • How much weight do you want to lose a week? ANSWER: 1.5 pounds
  • How tall are you? ANSWER: 5 feet 2.5 inches
  • How much do you weigh? ANSWER: 132
  • Daily Activity Level? ANSWER: Moderate

Based on those answers I am supposed to eat 1344 calories a day to lose 1.5 pounds a week. If you want to increase the calorie count, you need to exercise. The program lets you play around with all types of variables including exercise type and time and showed how those activities would increase calorie allowances.

Here is the best part! You can then use the - The Daily Plate website as a food and exercise diary (which I have) to track every single second of exercise and every single morsel of food. For the past 5 days, here is what I have learned:

  • I had no idea how much I was adding to my calorie count by taking a bite here and a bite there. I am an overeater. Never thought so, but I am. When I stopped taking those extra bites, my calories goals didn’t seem too difficult.
  • The more I exercised, the more I could eat! CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH???? I have walked 12 miles since Sunday and fit in a few exercise DVR’s with weights. I am amazed at how much more motivated I became when I connected…walk….eat more….walk… more.
  • I still had enough calories left over at the end of the day to have a glass of wine by not taking all of the extra bites of food throughout the day. Now seriously, this weight loss thing isn’t turning out to be that bad.
  • Writing it down DOES, I repeat, DOES make a difference. I really don’t want to type in “sleeve of chips ahoy” followed by hitting the button that says “I ATE THIS”.
  • Having a date with someone to work out at 5:45am doesn’t allow for excuses. I mean there is no way I would not show up knowing my friend was also up at 5:30 waiting for me.

Some of you may be rolling your eyes, or thinking, “DUH, pick up any magazine or book and they will tell you the same stuff. Yes, yes, I know. But boy did it feel good this morning. Good to see that number on the scale. Good to go downstairs and jump up and down with excitement with Hubby. Good to fit into a pair of pants that I haven’t fit into for a year without a “muffin top” spill over. Good to know that I do have control to do this thing right!

Right Now….2.18.10

February 18, 2010

Life Inc. and Food Inc.
Life Inc.’s video promo makes me hopeful that there are people in the world who are thinking outside of the box when it comes to how we might turn around our government’s financial crisis and overspending habits. This author’s philosophy is capitalism and free market at it’s best.
and this….
Food, Inc.has forever changed the way I think about my food purchasing choices and how I want to eat. I am inspired that as individuals we have monumental power through our food purchases which can CHANGE our overall health AND food legislation.

After watching Food, Inc, I became a little obsessed with this stack of books. Knowledge is power.
One of my all time favorites and one that I visit just about every day for inspiration, style, art, and her dream of moving to “The Village”, check out The Cottage Nest.

My newest dream…an etsy shop, Buttercup Farm Goods


During the quiet days of the snowstorm I took these on-line classes which have inspired me to commit more time to my art.

Alisa Burke’s Canvas Collage, Recycling Remix, Whimsical Women
and this….
Mary Ann Moss’s class, Remains of the Day

I started my Paris Dreambook after I completed the Remains of the Day class. Oh, how I love working creatively on the sewing machine. It is in my genes.

I lost three pounds before the snow monster hit and then gained it back by shoveling food into my mouth instead of snow outside. So for now I report…Net ZERO. I guess I am going to have to give up eating for lent:-)
Tulip snapped this picture…I am loving how the belt tricks me into thinking that I have a waist.

Love, Love

February 14, 2010


To my Valentine,


  • YOU make me coffee every single morning and sometimes bring it to me in bed.
  • YOU still make me laugh
  • YOU put your family first
  • YOU are a dreamer
  • YOU let me be a dreamer too
  • YOU help me achieve my dreams
  • YOU love to travel
  • YOU love to be home
  • YOU think you daughters are amazing
  • YOU teach your daughters how a man should treat his family
  • YOU love driving your “Woody” jeep more than any other car
  • YOU cook with me and for me
  • YOU will eat ANYTHING except split pea soup
  • YOU are smart
  • YOU have helped to build a life for our family where we can be our true and best selves.
  • YOU value doing the right thing
  • YOU never hold a grudge
  • YOU still surprise me
  • YOU love your parents
  • YOU don’t need a honey do list….if you see something needs to be done, you do it.
  • YOU have never said ANYTHING unkind to me…even in the heat of the moment.
  • YOU are a good friend

    Love and Forever Yours

Snow Smiles

February 11, 2010

To my dearest Peanut Butter Sandwich,

You are a wonderful, squeezable, and delicious child. I love you being six years old and keep begging you not to grow up but each time I beg you, you hysterically laugh and say, “I have to, Mama”. I pretend to cry, and you rub my back and tell me it will be ok. “But, but, but”….I think…”I love your smile with your baby teeth, and the way you think eating “Breakfast for Dinner” is one of life’s great adventures, and the way you still struggle saying your “r’s” (except when you say “girl” or “world” which I make you repeat over and over and over, because for some reason you say your r’s perfectly in those words). I love the way you care if someone is hurt or sad and how you have a weird acumen for remembering where I put my things like keys or shoes. OHHH, my little peanut, I could go on and on about all the cute and wonderful things you are. Thank you for being my child!



Winter Bliss

February 9, 2010

  • The way my home looks when it is buried in snow.
  • Seeing how the sun hits the barn and marveling at how each and every day it looks different against the winter morning sky.
  • Hearing children’s giggles throughout the day as they weave into the cold and snow, and then back into the warm and cozy.
  • Crisp turquoise sky against a tree silhouette
  • Remnants of summer on the back porch and in the garden
  • A hawk hovering around my patio as he hears the peeps inside chirping away.
  • My Blue shadow against the snow as a take a brisk walk.


Man with Shovel

February 8, 2010

A new kind of super hero arrived this weekend and we call him…..


MAN WITH SHOVEL digs miles and miles of paths so that little people and little dogs can leave the home.

MAN WITH SHOVEL digs out car so that WOMAN with no SHOVEL can flee the cabin to go buy more milk.

MAN WITH SHOVEL creates a new playground giving small children hours and hours of fun.

MAN WITH SHOVEL is really HOT when he donates hours and hours of his time saving people buried in snow. WE LOVE YOU MAN WITH SHOVEL!!!!!!


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