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Halloween Traditions

October 30, 2009

Each year since my girls were born my mom has lovingly made their halloween costumes. Nana asks her “grandgirls” what they want to be for Halloween in July. She takes them to the fabric store and patiently lets the girls hem and haw over which costume and fabric they want for their costumes. It is something they look forward to and treasure.

This year, inspired by something she saw in a magazine, Gaby choose to be a rabbit jumping out of a hat. A good idea living on the east coast since it is pretty nippy at night.
Julianna chose her version of Ariel, she calls “Mermaidia”.
Our attic playroom is filled with my mothers creations…15 in all so far. They are used throughout the year for hours of dress-up, theatre, and fun.

Barn Completion

October 27, 2009


I loved this crumbling building the minute I laid eyes on her and I knew that one day I would be able to nurse her back to health.
For years, she sat unoccupied except for a few woodchucks and the three horse stalls left by the previous owners of the farm. I would look back at her from my house and… think…dream…wonder..“What will she become?”
I wanted her to meet her full potential. I didn’t want to just “fix her up” on the outside, but instead, turn her into something magical. A place where our family will BE TOGETHER. A place where our children’s friends will enjoy visiting. A place where memories will be created. A place of well-being.

An Announcement

October 9, 2009

For the past 4 months, I have been working hard on a project that I have been looking forward to completing for the last nine years. You have all gotten to know me through the personal experiences I share on the Life at Buttercup Farm blog. You might know that I have been married for 13 years, that I have two wonderful daughters, and that I live my personal life to the fullest each and everyday. You know that I love to garden, entertain, decorate and cook. What I haven’t shared with you is that I also have a career that I love and have loved for nine+ years.

In 2000, my business partner, Aileen Herndon, and I started Avenue P Strategic Marketing. We have partnered with companies who were looking to improve their current marketing practices or who needed marketing support for a specific project. We have worked with several start-up companies who needed to create their brand from scratch and launch their business.

Aileen and I have built our business solely through word of mouth believing that doing excellent work for our clients is the best way to build our client base. We still feel this is one of the best marketing tools in business.

For a long time, we have been interested in sharing relevant, dynamic information in the areas of marketing, brand, and business topics to an audience bigger than our current client base. The last nine years of business experience has given us the opportunity to know how to help small businesses grow and we are excited to be able to share some of that knowledge with you. Announcing our new website and blog:


There are two parts of the website to note:

  • The main site offers an overview of the services we provide and information about past projects and clients.
  • The Perspectives blog offers pertinent information about marketing and related topics written to help small businesses grow.

I would love it if you stopped by to take a look. If you know of anyone who could benefit from the information on the Avenue Perspectives blog or our services, we would be grateful if you forwarded our link. Avenue P Strategic Marketing works with all sized companies, but have built a niche working with smaller companies (between 1-500 employees). I will be placing a link in the side bar of the Life at Buttercup Farm Blog if you ever want to link over when you are visiting here.

Harvest Moon

October 7, 2009

One perfect October evening…we celebrated the completion of the Buttercup barn project and the Harvest moon.
In the loft of the barn we…
Served a feast of..

  • Oyster Puffs
  • Beef Tenderloin
  • Autumn Corn and Bean Salsa
  • Ciabatta Sandwiches
  • Sushi
  • Roasted Asparagus with Proscuitto
  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
  • Egg Spinach Feta Bites
  • Cheese, Crackers, Olives, Grapes

We enjoyed a moonlit evening filled with music….
and family.
A dedication to our daughters who are growing up so fast….


And lots and lots of smiles and laughter and romance….


I couldn’t be more blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to make my life’s journey so rich.

Also, don’t forget…it is “A Beautiful Life” Friday over at The Inspired Room .

A special thank you to my good friend Scott who took ALL of these pictures.

Scary Shed Nightmare

October 6, 2009


This is not a HOW TO post on decorating your shed for Halloween. I am not going to give out the perfect Halloween paint colors or tell you that my next step is to paint a silhouette of a black cat on the side of the building and play scary music on auto-play each day leading to October 31.

Yes, I am sure that some may like this shed…in fact it would be perfect for the “Adam’s Family” or the “Muensters”, but Buttercup Farm…not so much.

The good news….it is paint. The bad news is…it is oil paint. This means that it could take a few weeks before it is ready to take another coat (I’ll try to paint the trim white first).

In the mean time….it IS Halloween and I’ll make the best of it.


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