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Vegetable Garden Inspiration

March 31, 2009

After months of pouring through Books and Magazines…I have found my VEGETABLE GARDEN INSPIRATION! When I design a garden or a room…it comes down to this question…How do I want to FEEL when I am working in it, looking at it, and living with the it.
This garden makes me feel “LUSH, COLORFUL, and BOUNTIFUL”.
Designed with undulating pickets (ranging from 4 to 6 feet), this fencing system made out of rough cedar, will help discourage deer from entering.
Dividing the garden space into a four square design easily allows for both utilitarian function and beauty. And, the “Early American” style of this garden, matches the look of our home and existing gardens.
I am thinking about attaching the FLOWER and HERB garden to the VEGETABLE garden. TWO Big FENCED Squares attached by ONE LONG PATHWAY! BEAUTEOUS!

*Pictures from Country Gardens Magazine.

A little dance

March 30, 2009

Little Tulip’s First Dance
Our local elementary school hosted it’s annual International Night on Friday. My little TULIP said she wanted to get up on stage and dance with her sister…GULP…in front of 450 people…GULP….GULP….

1st Irish Dance from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.

Camera work…not so great….I was trying to manage the tears….

Buttercup Books

March 29, 2009

Dreams of a book nook…..

Doodle by MaMa B

When the walls come tumblin’ down….

March 27, 2009

After years of TRYING to keep the old girl standing…we decided it was time to let her go…..

GOODBYE metal roof flapping, ground hog housing, trash collecting, snake hanging from the rafters….old barn…….

May you be recycled into something fantastic…..

A Few words from Little Tulip…”I already miss the Old Barn” on her way to school this morning.

R.I.P. March 26, 2009

Foyer In Progress

March 26, 2009

A month ago I posted a question about redecorating the foyer at Buttercup Farm. The response was WONDERFUL. So many great ideas for me to consider. This week I decided to JUMP into the project. Here is a little overview of what has been happening. The best part…SO FAR this project has cost NOTHING. I went searching around my home to find all of the goodies. SLAINTE!
(Note: In my video I mention Sarah’s idea and her blog name “incorrectly”…the correct name is Memories On Clover Lane.)

Foyer Transformation from Shawn Stratmann on Vimeo.

Also, don’t forget…it is “A Beautiful Life” Friday over at The Inspired Room . Take a few minutes to check out all of the post links you will find there. It is a great weekend treat!

The British Garden Party

March 25, 2009

As I continue to pour through books for garden inspiration this spring, I stumbled upon the following EXTRAORDINARY passage from one my favorite books. After each line, I couldn’t help but to close my eyes and visualize what I had read.

On the British Garden Party……
Quote from “The Woman’s Book”
Published by Charles Scribner’s Son 1894
Photographs: Mama B

“One is filled with admiration of the pluck that supports British hostesses in their efforts to defy the continually dropping skies of spring and summer.
Their lawns–deep green, of even, fine grass, to which a “wee modest crimson-tipped” daisy is a reproach–are a standing invitation to “come out and walk on me.”

Their groups of glorious great-armed trees, with dense, lustrous foliage, are apparently meant to shelter damsel and swains.
Their rose gardens,

with vines trained on the walls and arched trellises overgrown with masses of bloom and fragrance,
offer enchanting harborage for a tete-a-tete.”



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