January 2, 2009

2009 Buttercup Farm Dreambook

It is a tradition of mine to MAKE A DREAMBOARD the week between Christmas and New Years. I make lists, write goals, sketch, gather photos, magazine articles, and books during the year that provide IDEAS, THOUGHTS, and INSPIRATION for the DREAMBOARD.


I keep this DREAMBOARD in a place where I can see it often. I don’t expect that all of my dreams will come true. Some will, some won’t. As the year progresses, I will prioritize based on what my family needs, budget, time, etc.

I segmented my dreams into areas that are important to me: Family, Health, Social, Cultural, Spiritual, Career. I like this visual, because it reminds me to attempt some balance in each area. Here are few of my 2009 dreams:

Family & Home: Take kids to Maine, Plant a colonial inspired vegetable garden, Take two big camping trips
Social: Increase attendance at the Buttercup Farm Concert Series
Cultural: Re-Learn how to play the flute
Spritual: Read something everyday that expands my mind
Career: Launch “Avenue P Communications”
Health: Spend 20 minutes outside everyday, NO MATTER WHAT

Have any of you worked on your 2009 dreams yet? Please share a few!


Down home friends and what they say...

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Lalena said:

What a great idea!
~Thank you

Suzy said:

What a wonderful idea. I love to have it visualized and in front of me. Thanks for sharing it.


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Cindy said:

Love this!

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