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  • imageBLOG NEWS

    When I wrote the last LABF post called "REINVENTION" it was the word that most described the journey I have been on for a few years and greatly relates to the NEWS I am going to share today.  [...]

  • imageReinvention

    I have not been here lately. I am on a journey of reinvention. I am reinventing my health, my dreams, my website, my business. It takes a lot of time to make BIG changes in life...sacrifices must be made.  [...]

  • image267!

    "Everything looks great, except for....your cholesterol", doctor says. "Any particular insight as to why your cholesterol is 267?". "Well, um....does eating eggs five days a week impact that number? Or could it be the side of beef we purchase every six months?" , I asked jokingly. [...]

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